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Welcome To BodyTone

BodyTone was created to share my passion for physical wellness: exercise, fitness and nutrition.  They go hand in hand, and I believe that every step you take in the right direction, no matter how small, leads you on the path towards overall wellness.

Why exercise? Well, why NOT??? Just 30 minutes of exercise will improve your mood and energy level!  Not to mention that regular exercise helps control weight, combats health conditions and disease (cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis just to name a few), it promotes better sleep and last but not least – exercise can be fun!

So, what about nutrition?  I know from experience that committing to a healthy way of eating can sometimes be a bigger challenge than adding exercise to your schedule.  But know this: you can’t out-exercise a poor diet and can’t be fit just by eating healthy. 

So, put on your sneakers and grab an apple, weather you are already on your way or just beginning, your journey to wellness should be a fun ride – and I am here to help you!


Group Fitness

Zumba, Piloxing, Fitness Hour…. Whichever class you chose, group fitness is a great way to exercise: you might come with a friend or you make friends in class, you are motivated to show up and you are held accountable by your piers and your instructor :) !
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Personal Training

Whether you need assistance creating realistic goals or you just want a good but challenging workout routine, personal training can help you get where you want to be.
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Plant Based Nutrition

Learn how to add delicious meals to your diet that are 100% plant-based.  Vegetables, fruit, grains and seeds provide for a super nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.
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